Trees and Angels festival

Celebrating the arts in Chorleywood. Hosted by St Andrews.

Tickets on Sale Now!- KCO: Trees & Angels — St Andrew’s Church, Chorleywood (

Art Competition Brief

To produce a piece of visual art/sculpture/creative writing 

on the theme of ‘Trees and Angels’.

 The piece can be a response to either trees or angels (or both) and can be put together using whichever medium you prefer. 

Specifications & criteria

Your artwork needs to be no bigger than 1m x 1m,. For sculpture it will need to fit on a base limited to 50cm x 50cm.

You will be responsible for bringing your work to the church and then following the exhibition taking it home 

Creative writing submissions (be it a poem, short story, reflection) will be displayed on a continuous loop of footage at the exhibition alongside other videos of submissions, therefore you will also need to record a readout of your writings in mp3 format if you want them to be shown in the video. Please contact us if you wish to perform any spoken word live.

Any other creative forms of expression (e.g interpretive dance) can be submitted in MP4 format.

How to submit your work:

Email and include:

Your full name

Title of piece

A photo of your piece attached

What size and medium you have used.

Your email address and phone number 

For any larger files, we recommend sending via 

Other details:

The submissions will be judged by a steering group of three working artists who are helping curate the week’s work at St Andrews. 

The exhibition will be open weekdays, and during the evenings they will be accompanied by a series of concerts hosted by the King’s Chamber Orchestra, including a Gala concert on the Saturday 16th. Musicians will perform around the exhibits and will be interpreting the submissions through improvisation, as well as featuring other events such as a piano duet soiree and folk music with Chorleywood Community Choir. 

Submissions require no entry fee,  however, if you would like to sell your work, we will take a 20% commission.

The follow up 

Once we have received your submission, the steering group will look at all pieces after the deadline date and then follow up with you within the next two weeks. We will let you know what is next in terms of transportation, booking a time slot to set up & how to sell your work if you wish to do so.

All entries will eventually be displayed at