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We are primarily a Christian community with a vision to live a life of prayer, worship and outreach within the music profession.  We have always gratefully received gifts to enable our work, and these are especially meaningful to us, as secular arts funding bodies generally will not consider us, as our aims are beyond just artistic.

Its been an exciting 30 year journey trusting praying and seeing our needs met, sometimes at the very last minute.  Please consider partnering with us either with a one off gift ,or a regular amount. We are actively seeking “friends” to regularly give, even small amounts to help us continue and develop. You can donate anonymously on the tab below, but if you sign up to our newsletter and you are visible (to us only) in our stewardship account, then we can sent you a special note very occasionally. Anyone signing up to our newsletter has our guarantee that we never pass their details on.


We give over 30 concerts a year (40 in 2019), sharing our faith, often in places who cannot afford us. We outreach to the public and to fellow musicians through our community. We mentor young people and we pray and worship together seeking God for the best way to be faithful musicians. Our recordings have travelled all over the world and we have received thanks from every continent for the improvised worship that has deeply touched the lives of many.

So far our concert life has taken the majority of our resources, but we hope and pray that our support and provision will enable us to release more recordings.  Many of our fans request this, and we hope to oblige.  We feel called to let our music out to be a blessing, despite the global royalty system not really supporting musicians on streaming, so again we are grateful for any help received.

In this Covid time, along with all the arts, we are especially in need of help to survive.  Please urgently consider partnering with us to maintain our work and to develop what we do further.   We always knew from the start that KCO would be a sacrificial ministry and not a commercial one, so thank you in advance for helping us, and God bless you.


To give to us either as a one off or regularly, follow this link. Only UK givers can give the tax back, but anyone anywhere can donate.