Support for Gerard through Stewardship and other options

Support Gerard through Stewardship.

“You can  donate towards Gerard’s work via the Stewardship link just below.  See below for reasons to support Gerard. You can email us for other ways to give directly to Gerard if you prefer. This can be a one off or monthly and can be anonymous if you prefer. If you are a UK tax payer Stewardship can reclaim the tax and pass it  forward also to Gerard:”

A direct gift to the orchestra.

You can donate to the orchestra as a whole via PayPal, or directly into our bank account.  You can write and tell us if this is to help musicians, or leave it to us to use it usefully.  For direct bank details email us.

or via Paypal

Newsletter and “Friends”

If you donate and want to hear from us we have an occasional newsletter, and a letter to givers who we call “friends” of KCO. With GDPR etc we need to you sign up to our keep in touch mailing list, and then if you haven’t given anonymously we will tag you as a “Friend”. You can unsubscribe from this list any time. Anyone signing up to our newsletter has our guarantee that we never pass their details on.

Why support Gerard working with the Kings Chamber Orchestra?

Gerard founded KCO over 30 years ago. A  Christian community with a vision to live a life of prayer, worship and outreach within the music profession and with our music.  Gerard is KCO’s one full time worker and under his leadership we have developed as a community of professional Christian musicians, who tour around the UK and occasionally further afield, sharing our music and our faith, and partnering with churches to bless their neighbourhoods with our fun, beautiful music and stories of our life and how that is inspired and informed by faith.

The churches who partner with us  donate to us for our visits, and essentially give us whatever they can afford. We don’t have a set fee, as we always mix in places that couldn’t afford us.  The money we receive enables some infrastructure of KCO to continue and brings help to many of our musicians who perform for hugely less than they might earn otherwise.  Its quite a sacrifice for our group who play with us many times a year, and the support we pass on to them is sometimes a lifeline in its self.  

 In the past KCO was hugely helped by income from our recordings, but in the modern world musicians receive little or nothing for recorded work via the streaming platforms.   Although this is a crisis, (that does grieve us), we are in fact motivated to share our music, and and recordings as a calling, as we are first and foremost a Christian community.  We receive a constant stream of thanks for our recordings from folk who find them so touching and so spiritual and peacemaking. This brings us back always to our aim:  Beethoven’s friends recounted his constant “looking to heaven”. throughout his many struggles. This is it. We want to touch heaven on earth and we look for it.

Its has been an exciting 30 year journey trusting praying and seeing our needs met, sometimes at the very last minute.  Please consider partnering with us to support Gerard either with a one off gift ,or a regular amount. 

What Does Gerard actually do? 

Gerard’s work for KCO is all consuming: planning concerts and worship recordings, mentoring and outreaching to musicians, overseeing our daily prayer meetings, raising up young leaders to reach the next generation of musicians, writing music and arrangements that bring our stories to life, and corresponding with musicians and the public about our work from across the globe. Gerard has an A-team in the orchestra who also share some responsibilities such as social media and some admin.  

The pandemic has decimated our concert work, but in many ways Gerard has been busier than ever, responding to pastoral needs, the daily prayer meetings, working with a team for lockdown recordings, and spreading the story of KCO among christian musicians further afield. For Christmas 2020 Musicians recorded with us from around the world to release a “Silent Night” video on YouTube. The Covid story has put immense pressure on Gerard and many of us.  But we have never been more committed in prayer and feel freshly envisioned to continue. 

Here we are: Kco intro video

“We are always so excited to attend King’s Chamber Orchestra concerts. The orchestra is the epitome of excellence, full of fun, and brings a real sense of the presence of God”

“We loved the King’s Chamber Orchestra and the waves of music that washed over us as they walked around the church while playing their instruments – quite incredible.”

“Kings Chamber Orchestra are professional, creative, inspiring, entertaining, but more than that, they enable the listeners to tune into the melody of heaven.” –  J.John