Supporting Gerard

Support Gerard through Stewardship.

I work full time at KCO, a Christian group of professional musicians.  For 30+ years we have toured in the UK and beyond, providing faithful, fun and beautiful events. 10,000+ attend each year, invited by churches locally. Our churches find us an ideal tool to show much they care for their neighbours.

We also reach out to our musical colleagues, mentor and support young players to help them catch the vision and lead a musical life of faith and devotion. We made many worship recordings heard around the world.

In giving, you partner with me in this work. I am grateful. The work has greatly increased online and pastorally at this critical time. Our musicians now run daily pray meetings online, and from these; give TLC, prayer and practical support to many. The group and I are working harder than ever; digging deeper in the pandemic, seeking and looking out for our profession, planning a new faith sharing future, amid the wonderful music.

Ways to give

Stewardship– Stewardship are a Christian charity who collect money for Christian workers, and collect the tax back on behalf of the UK doners who choose that option. The tax back is then passed on to those same workers. You can  donate towards Gerard’s work via the Stewardship link just below.  Anyone can donate via Stewardship, making a one off or monthly donation.

A direct gift to the orchestra.

You can donate to the orchestra as a whole via PayPal, or directly into our bank account.  This will allow us to perform in churches that cannot afford us, just benefit musicians in need or make new worship recordings.
For direct bank details email us at

Newsletter and “Friends”

If you donate and want to hear from us we have an occasional newsletter, and a letter to givers who we call “friends” of KCO. With GDPR etc we need to you sign up to our keep in touch mailing list, and then if you haven’t given anonymously we will tag you as a “Friend”. You can unsubscribe from this list any time. Anyone signing up to our newsletter has our guarantee that we never pass their details on.

“We are always so excited to attend King’s Chamber Orchestra concerts. The orchestra is the epitome of excellence, full of fun, and brings a real sense of the presence of God”

“We loved the King’s Chamber Orchestra and the waves of music that washed over us as they walked around the church while playing their instruments – quite incredible.”

Kings Chamber Orchestra are professional, creative, inspiring, entertaining, but more than that, they enable the listeners to tune into the melody of heaven.”