We are primarily a Christian community with a vision to live a life of prayer, worship and outreach within the music profession.  We have always gratefully received gifts to enable our work, and these are especially meaningful to us, as secular arts funding bodies generally generally wont consider us as our aims are beyond just artistic.

Its been an exciting 30 year journey trusting praying and seeing our needs met, sometimes at the very last minute.  Please consider partnering with us either with a one of gift or a regular amount. We are actively seeking “friends” to regularly give, even small amounts to help us continue and develop. You can donate anonymously on the one off gift tab below, and if you provide us with your name and email we will sign you up to our news letter, not passing on your details ever, and conforming to GDPR regulations. Thank you and God bless you.


In fact we give over 30 concerts a year sharing our faith, many in places who cannot afford us. We outreach to the public and to fellow musicians through our community. We mentor young people and we pray and worship together seeking God for the best way to be faithful musicians. Our recordings have traveled all over the world and we have received thanks from every continent for the improvised worship that has deeply touched the lives of many.

We have many tracks recorded that have never been heard and we plan to release these and all our albums on the streaming platforms this year 2019.  Many of our fans request this, but it will mean that we receive little or nothing back. In the end we feel called to let our music out to be a blessing, and not to focus on the global injustice over royalties. It has taken a while to reach that point. Our website will remain the central resource for CDs and certain recordings not available elsewhere.

Please urgently consider partnering with us to maintain our work and develop further. Gifts from our global fan base can totally help us continue and are hugely appreciated.  We always knew from the start that KCO would be a sacrificial ministry and not a commercial one, so thank you in advance for helping us, and God bless you.


One off gift (from anywhere in the world but with UK tax payers tax back option):


Jersey (Channel Islands UK) gifts via St Pauls church (please follow the link and email Ron to confirm that the gift is for Gerard/KCO) http://www.stpaulsjersey.org/about-us/finan/

If you want to support us regularly please email us on info@kco.cool and we will send you bank details, or a Stewardship form if you are a UK resident for us to benefit from the taxback.