Brahms Sextet 2 in G

Allegro non troppo (G major)

Scherzo – Allegro non troppo – Presto giocoso (G minor)

Adagio (E minor)

Poco allegro (G major)

Boccherini Fandango

past concerts

Quartet night! Do birds listen when you play music?
Does being in nature change the way you think?
Come and decide for yourself, and discover how bird song has been used in music over the years. You’ll hear Haydn – The Lark Quartet, Mozart – ‘The Hunt’ Quartet, the Lark Ascending like you’ve never heard it before, and more.

Now found is the fairest of roses – Danish hymn
Mozart string quartet – the hunt
The lark ascending (short arrangement)
The swan (and friends)
Haydn string quartet – the lark
Feed the birds (song)

whoever decided that classical music was boring certainly never attended a Vivaldi concert! Travel with us through Italy, France and Spain to find out what made the 18th Centuries greatest hits the dancefloor bangers of their time.

Falconieri – Ciaccona

Vivaldi – La Follia

Rameau- Dardanus – Deuxieme air pour Les Magicians

Biber- Battalia

Boccherini- Fandango