December 2020 concert

Hello everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well in these troubling times.
We understand from so many of you, that our annual Christmas tour is an essential part of your Christmas. We couldn’t be more sad that we can’t deliver that this year. However, all is not lost…We are releasing an online concert for you rather than our Christmas visit, and we would love it if you could donate and support us as we deliver our Christmas pick-me-up to you and your friends.

By donating below, whatever you can afford, you will be tagged in our mailing list to receive a link as the time approaches. The link will go live at 7:30 on Saturday December the 5th and remain live through the Christmas period. So you could watch anytime. Our mailing list is never passed on to any 3rd party. In actual fact, this online concert represents a new opportunity because you will be able to share the link personally with friends who have never seen us, as a Christmas gift from us and you! Carols, beautiful music, special Christmas moments and surprises! Some items right up to date, and others looking back over our 30 year history. We trust that even in this different format we can bring some Christmas cheer.

Our first goal is to spread a message of hope at Christmas, but you can really help us survive by donating. We don’t want anyone excluded, so even £1 will get you access. £10 will keep us going for a while. Anything beyond that will help our musicians, and our future. If anyone wants to make a larger donation unconnected with this concert, then go to the support us tab on the home page.

THE CONCERT; for access please use the button below and as you are led through to the thank you page please make sure that you sign up to receive our newsletters. You can unsubscribe any time, but you will need to be subscribed to receive the link. We hope to see you all in 2021 but in the meantime we can’t wait to show you this special concert.
With love, Gerard and the Kings Chamber Orchestra

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