• KCO a new season in 2019

    4th March 2019
    So this is my first blog. This is the place where you might read about some of the inner workings of the Kings Chamber Orchestra, our faith, as well as our music, and I have been wondering where to begin? Maybe shortly I will tell our story which began 35 years ago, but my feeling is to start on this day by thanking God for my amazing, musical and faithful wife Sarah, without whom KCO would never have come to be what it is today.
    In fact we met through the work of what I regard as our parent organisation: The New English Orchestra. NEO was one of the most visionary christian arts mission houses I ever touched. Formed and founded by the one and only Nigel Swinford; a whole Symphony Orchestra, choir, dancers and entourage using their talents as a family sharing and celebrating their faith. Sarah and I met in NEO performing in the annual Mozart Festival in Salzburg. I was young, long-haired, and very self-assured at. that point, but she saw through the facade and we married the following February 27 years ago. My father thought Sarah was the making of me. I didn’t argue.
    Sarah has sacrificed so much for all these years to liberate me to work running the KCO community, and actually without her faith and support, and her selfless journey as a mother to our three, we never could have done this.
    So here we are; two musicians living with faith and music in the centre of our lives, and organising a team of professional musicians who are first and foremost a christian community. The Kings Chamber Orchestra.

    The opening of this blog heralds a new season of our work. We have started to recruit new members and make ourselves more available for events. This year perhaps 10,000 people will hear us play in 30 or so concerts around the UK or at the Big Church Day Out Festival in May. We come in each case with a sense of fun faith and some great music. We come to entertain and befriend, inspire and to share our faith. As well as reaching out to the public, we encourage musical colleagues, and young musicians, sharing our vision to use music in a profoundly positive prayerful faithful way.

    You might like to consider partnering with us as we seek to release new recordings, and to go to places who can little afford us, or just to enable us to continue sharing our faith and music, ministering in fresh ways and places. We are often asked to release our recordings across the streaming platforms. Although we plan to do so, we have hesitated up to now as the invention of steaming has devastated the revenue of musicians all over the world.  We used to pay for our administration from our recordings but releasing them on streaming ends that possibility, although it does get our music heard of course. Spare a prayer for musicians everywhere as they try to survive in this climate, and perhaps consider partnering with us to help.  Currently a few tracks are available on streaming , and as we are able we will realise a further 25 or so. Thank you in advance for your interest and help.  God bless you all.

    If you want to make a one-off donation to help us, you can do so here:
    Supporting Gerard and KCO
    If you are in the UK the tax back can be collected too. If anyone wants to support us regularly please email us for a form/bank details, or if you are in Jersey where we can also receive the tax back via St Paul’s Church.